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Donato Re Studio Fotografico
via F.M.Penna 49 - 97018 Scicli(RG)

rofessional photographer, who has lived in the wonderful world of photography for 40 years. initially dealing with development and printing in black and white. My journey as a photographer grew at the age of 16, when I started working at a professional development and printing laboratory (for photographers), which covered all of Sicily. At the same time, with Grande Passione, I always continued to do photographic services, thus increasing my professionalism on the two aspects: - Photographic Services (Weddings, Events, Boudoir, etc.); - Professional Press.   Since 1989 I have owned a Photo Studio, immersed in a Baroque setting. Always attentive to collaborations, an essential element for mutual growth and for professional and personal improvement, I want to further expand my professionalism with collaborations in the field of Wedding both in the National and International field.
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