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A journey starts when you decide you are going to leave to be somewhere else. It doesn’t start on a plane, it doesn’t start when you arrive at your destination. started its journey some time ago, in her Founder’s head and soul, she was in love with the idea of living new experiences that could show how intense life can be if she looked up for new opportunities. She has always found something fascinating in being invited to events where, besides meetings, there was an artist performing or a moment to get in touch with other human beings. This, anyway, is a different story that we are going to tell you some other time.

We want to start from here, from today, November 6th, the day we’ll begin to share our vision with the world at Web Summit 2017, and learn how to deliver the best possibile result for our customers and believers. 

“As a Sturt-up we know “ain’t gonna be easy for us”, we know we will need to suck up and show what we can do many, and many more times before we’ll be able to collect the results we expect to receive. Well, this doesn’t concern us, not because we know it all, but because we believe in our idea, we believe in the beauty of Italy and we believe we are responding to a market need.” Gabriella Francavilla, Founder & CEO.

Web Summit is for us the best opportunity to do networking while learning from the best Entrepreneurs and Managers on earth. Follow us to live this amazing experience!


Late at night, a couple of drinks with dinner at Mercado de Ribeira when suddenly two young men (wearing their investors web summit badges) have a sit in front of us.

They were hungry and tired, like we were. They were waiting for their food and we thought “they are humans, like we are”. We are not here to raise funds, we are here to get to know the business world and the most successful approaches so we asked for a simple conversation, for tips. And that is what we got.

We met two nice, successful, kind and focused business men who do this for a living to meet with minds and souls and find business opportunities. Thank you for your tips, we won’t forget what you did for us P. and C. from Wilbe Ventures LLP.

As a Founder the idea behind being here at is to take Italy, as a Destination Experience, to a new level of global visibility.

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“Armstrong was my hero. I wanted to see what Earth looked like from the space. That’s why I took the risk. You only have one life, you have to do something meaningful.”
Mike Massimino, NASA Astronaut

Engaging with people is about listening to what your colleagues are doing, what your potential customers need and where the market is going. The good thing is that the more you open up to others, the more they get interested in what you have to offer. Behind every Company there are people, if you hide behind a screen you might be able to collect leads, but not to maintain a sustainable relationship with your clients and users.


Open source information and sustainability are 2 key factors to run a successful business says Marie Claire Daveu and yes, we do agree! Here’s why:

1) information is not a secret and if you keep acting like you own fundamental elements you simply disrupt the synergy among your team and the flow of the activity itself

2) sustainability is a modus operandi in everything we do and thinking about processes and collaborations that don’t affect others, the environment nor the system will pay you back in the medium and long term

Many unexpected things happened for at Web Summit 2017. We are going to get to work, hard work and with so much enthusiasm!


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