About us


Todevento.com is a digital platform that connects the best professionals of the event world. We strongly believe Made in Italy means quality, especially in the Destination Experience. The creation of new synergies and partnerships is fundamental to make an event successful, because, as we know, each occasion is unique and might require specific competences for a certain service. For this reason we’ve created a spot to show the best Italian professionals for those who, from each side of the World, wants to plan their event in Italy. 



Creativity is endless; we believe that ideas and talents are important qualities to build an unforgettable experience. Therefore, we want you to know that we make all the efforts you need to find the best professionals that work in the event world. That’s why we’ve created an hub of information and research, useful for those who are either taking part in an event or are just the audience of the event – businesslike, cultural, commemorative, educational or just representative.

“Details make the difference and we want to figure them out, while raising every aspect, to support you in giving an unforgettable experience to your guests.”