Details make the difference and we want to figure them out, while raising every aspect, to support you in giving an unforgettable memory to your guests. 

Food is charming!

Sharing a meal is an essential time for the good result of an event; it’s pleasant and relaxing, and back in the day it helped to save the future –...

From the memories of The Italian Wedding Oscars

Daniela was there from early morning to handle every detail because of the high expectations of her guests. Of course, nothing could’ve been left to chances!

Music is a universal language

Thus, music is essential because with a good selection good results can be achieved. First, though, we should think of what we want to communicate to our guests: joy? Warmth?


Jo, Paul, Alberto and Marco are a group of four smart guys. What they do is something that who is in this field had tried to do as well, something...

A professional Staff

Basically, the secret of success relies on few concepts that are truly important: synergy, same interests, team building, and good communications skills.

A perfect twist of flair, confidentiality and diplomacy

Planning an event starts establishing good connections. It’s something like planning a plant on a vase. The task of an Event Planner is not just about planning the steps, but...

Fall season and its foliage

If you love autumn and you’ve never been in New England, USA, you might wanna go there to assist an epiphany of autumnal foliage with its incredible colors.

Bare feet in the beautiful Uffizi Museum

The first element you need to do everything in life is enthusiasm. The staff of Todevento.com adores who is passionate and enthusiastic, and when we meet somebody like Raffaella Mazzocca,...

The Italian Wedding Oscars 2017

Today we want to talk about a new concept proposed by Daniela Corti, of Madreperla Wedding & Events Planning: this concept is The Italian Wedding Oscars.

Fashion team building competition

Now the guests are talking to each other, and it’s a good chance to make new acquaintances. From what I can see, here at the Maison, there are people of...

How to go beyond the fear of a public speech

There is a moment in everyone’s life, in which we have to give a speech in public: reasons could be either professional or a particular occasion.

International Sinergy, Madreperla Events for Wedaways

An excellent professionalism, and a celebration of the greatest of our Country, put the experts of each area together in cooperation to other international partners in order to give life...

Capturing an emotion forever… You can!

Donatella and Damiano are the storytellers of the same story, with different perspectives, that seems to be able to be at the right place in the right moment with their...

First approach to Feng Shui

Among all the things an Event Planner has to think about while planning a successful event, we want to point out a new way of meditation that is taking place...

The beauty of cultural diversity

The World is made of different ethnicities and traditions that reflect the story and customs of a community: for this reason, traditions should be treasured and taken into consideration.

How the Event Planner goes on vacation

In our minds summer recalls remembrances of landscapes in front of the sea, funny moments in which we live in an utterly free-state-of-mind, and in absolute harmony with a peaceful...

The enchantment of the event water-view

There are many adjectives that enhance the most important element of all times: water. Reflection, liquidness, flexibility, transparency and colorful are just some of them. The location of an event...

Coffee is powerful

When you organize an event, a coffee break is not just a marginal part: it is, in fact, the crucial one, especially to welcome guests in order to make them...

Hotels “must have”

Organizing an event that has to accommodate guests even at night it’s not easy: it requires attention to details, everything has to be perfectly done.

Is everyone looking at you?

Everything has to be perfect, they have high expectations, but my expectations about my job go beyond the ones my clients have. Two events are on the same day, in...