From the memories of The Italian Wedding Oscars

The portrait of a stunning figure, heavenly and charming, is incomplete without the perfect frame.

That’s how we want to describe Palazzo Parigi and the central role it played as host of a majestic event: The Italian Wedding Oscars celebrated on December 1st in Milan.

We were waiting for this since weeks; the finalists and the participants were eager to step through the door of this magnificent location and breathe a magical atmosphere.

Finally that day came and it was perfect, especially for Daniela Corti, the one who made everything possible. The guests said it was amazing! In fact, we are already talking about the next edition in 2018, this time in Puglia.

Today there is just the vivid memory of the lovely Christmas decorations that started from the outside until the monumental columns at the main entrance, embraced with white veils. Not to mention the nice walk to the foyer adorned with Christmas trees, lights, flowers like a real winter wonderland.


The Nu Art Events artists delighted the guests at the entrance with stunning dresses and fabulous scenographies. Indeed, impressive was the elegance and grace of the show performed by dancers and singers.

Right after the royal staircase there is the Ballroom of the luxurious residence, really sophisticated, “house of a memorable time” that had brought, for one night, all the best representatives of the wedding world in Italy, and exponents of high-level, internationally well-known that we are going to mention one by one to share their feelings and memories!

Daniela was there from early morning to handle every detail because of the high expectations of her guests. Of course, nothing could’ve been left to chances!


Daniela Corti and the guests of honor Renée Strauss and Enzo Miccio

Daniela, what does it take to plan an event as The Italian Wedding Oscars?

Planning an event like this involves taking care of many different features, from the logistics to the negotiation with the vendors, not to mention the relationship with the guests and the sponsors. Those are all elements extremely important, and each one is fragile and takes different care. It also requires attention to achieve the success and the satisfaction you want in the end. It was a challenge to myself and I wasn’t sure I could win!

Why did you choose Palazzo Parigi?


Palazzo Parigi is a dream location! It’s like being in fairytale, and in Christmas time the atmosphere is even more heavenly and dreamy. I couldn’t have done a better choice to celebrate the “wedding stars” that work everyday to make thousands of couples happy for one of the most important day in a lifetime.


What were your feelings during the event?

Well, I was too tense! But seeing all my work and effort becoming true made me take a deep breath and exhale all my concerns, especially thanks to the smiles of my guest: they were the real answer to all my worries!


What will you bring with you from this wonderful edition of 2017?

Now I know that if you want to achieve something and you work for that, nothing can stop you: you can do everything you want! Your dream will come true and the reality, in the end, will be even better!







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Go and have nice dreams. Both of you have nice dreams. When you dream together dreams are even nicer.

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