Dietrolevento is their name, their brand, and their philosophy.

Jo, Paul, Alberto and Marco are a group of four smart guys. What they do is something that who is in this field had tried to do as well, something that is attractive either for small and big companies. They have decided to personally be on the game plan.

They are here for you, they are “fast” as fast is their work ethic: statistics says it’s very productive. Smartworking, or fast working, is a new way to work that is taking place everywhere in the world. The staff of Diertrolevento, though, doesn’t really follow rules o schedules. They have started an original working environment, very productive. Small companies and big communication agencies ask for their services.

Dietrolevento is a good team, very professional, because they go the extra mile for their customers, and make them satisfied.

They follow different formats, but their favorites are the Team Building ones: that’s why they have created the well-known brand Staff Team Building.

They offer a diverse portfolio of events that covers different area of interests as marketing guerrilla (that leads creative and successful campaigns), incentive, and sampling campaigns and so on!

“Having an office and a chair to work statically wouldn’t let us make the job we do, the way we do it.” Says Paul, the founder.

Hence, they are physically behind the event, because they can. They have the tools to do it, as, for example, a van! Their van is fully equipped for every need, and it takes them to meetings (becoming the place for it), it also takes them to the event (becoming a cockpit), and makes people curious about it (becoming a real promotional showcase!)

You are probably thinking of an innovative startup launched during the lasts iPhone’s generations… well, the answer is wrong! Dietrolevento, in fact, was born in 2006 thanks to two creative minds as Paolo Tota (he likes to be called Pol) and Jo Bassani (or just Jo).

“After two years of getting to know each other better and co-working in different projects, Jo and I have launched Dietrolevento, and we never stopped! We all, including Alberto and Marco, are a good team, and we are passionate about our job.” Says Paul.

In a digitalized are, in which you can’t avoid to literally do anything without a laptop, you can be proud of yourself if you can save a piece of paper a day!

“Not everyone understands the way we work” says Jo, “But we are professionals, and what it counts is the result. Sometimes we feel like we should yell our philosophy to the World, but it’s not essential: what our clients have to see is the project, the performance and, finally, the outcome.

The success of the event is the best reward for us!”

Therefore, their open mind makes possible types of collaboration that wouldn’t be possible otherwise!


“Our work is boundless.” Says Jo “That’s why we can accomplish our clients all year long, even on vacation!”

“This summer I was surfing in Sardinia. I saw a missed call from one of our most important clients. He said the company knew they could ask for a specific format for their new project, even during our vacation…” adds Joe “It was August and they needed that immediately. Of course, I didn’t say we were on vacation! I took the chance of working in that relaxing environment, sitting against a tree: I just grabbed my laptop and started thinking about the new project.”

Todevento.com went to see one of the different experience made by Dietrolevento to tell what their guests have experienced, that to their Fashion Team Building Competition! The way they work is based on their relationship with the co-workers that call them to be helped with their events. They are appreciated because they are reliable, funny and they think wide open.


We introduce you to:

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The Staff of Dietrolevento


Work dignifies man, so why we speak about stress on job?



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