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An Event Planner knows that in order to plan a memorable event – that will eventually be remembered as an example of excellence – he has to work hard and passionately to achieve good results through a combo of preparation, intuition and knowledge. To sum up, an Event Planner can absolutely not improvise.

Planning a successful event is not easy: it’s more than booking a room, arranging meetings or choosing a menu for the gala. This is a real project that thanks to the hard work of competent people becomes an efficient business card of a company.

Successful keywords

Basically, the secret of success relies on few concepts that are truly important: synergy, same interests, team building, and good communications skills.

When we speak about synergy we refer to a balanced combination of all the different abilities of a team, supervised by the event planner itself, the person who is eager to achieve the goals and the interests of the rest of the staff.

Flexibility and adaptability

A team need to have two important qualities as flexibility and adaptability: for instance, if an event will host a huge amount of people, it could be possible that just one person will to take care of specific tasks during the event itself. Thus, it’s important for the team to know everyone’s task, so that they will work as a chain, in which the even planner can always rely on.


The starting point among all the things to do to plan an event is the briefing, which is not just made of instructions, but a real vademecum that shows the scheme that will lead us to the organization of the final event. It includes the tasks of the all team and it helps avoiding a disaster as a flop. This is one of reason why it is important to establish a good communication with the team; therefore, all the instructions have to be clear, and everyone has to know exactly what to do during the all time.

From a simple team to an exceptional staff

How to turn a team into a reliable working staff? What is the secret to achieve a balance and build empathy between the members of the staff? The trick is based on a functional strategy of communication that classifies the different roles, and sets all the premises to realize the event. Even a small misunderstanding can cause a big mess that will end up in a delay on the timetable; the risks are obvious.

Hence, all the tasks need to be clear in order to be good players; at the same time, though, everyone should be passionate about it, and also have common sense, sense of duty and commitment.

Investing in training and acknowledging the added value of quality

Who runs an agency knows very well how important is to invest in this aspect to achieve a good result. So, whoever wants to do teamwork has to know every feature of the job and have an emergency plan, in case of necessity. Training processes strengthen the perception of the importance of the role, and give the right instrument to work in the best way possible. Also, in order for there to be passion and productivity a good salary is needed, based on the components’ skills. You can’t go low in quality, especially for events that require the presence of experts that can interact with Arabians, Chinese, and so on, and that acknowledge the customs of these countries. Such high performances require a proper salary, because quality is an added value that increases the profits and helps the representation of an agency in a positive way, in terms of reliability and offered services.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. Michael Jordan

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