A perfect twist of flair, confidentiality and diplomacy

Diplomacy is a balanced arrangement of many elements that allow handling different situations in the best way possible. Our professional life is a twist of the work we do with somebody else that can be a client, a coworker, or just an interlocutor.

Planning an event starts establishing good connections. It’s something like planning a plant on a vase. The task of an Event Planner is not just about planning the steps, but it’s more than that. It’s like taking care of the plant, giving her attention to help her growing.

A professional Event Planner is the soul of the event itself; sometimes, he interacts with the guests in person, but the main goal is to help the hosts getting together in order to give them the chance to build new synergies and partnerships. This task is very important and requires sensitivity, attention, confidentiality and diplomacy. The reward will come at the end of the experience.

However, we mustn’t forget that we are called to play our role as well. Of course, different people have different personalities: some of us are easygoing, and know how to do public relations very well, while others are introverts and wants to be invisible. Even those people, though, should do or say something (even just few words!) to make possible an ideal situation, in which the guests can be entertained, and can also interact with whoever is there to do it.

Who plans the event has the chance to use its inner flair, and make of a meeting also an opportunity of growth and development, using its know-how for a new and productive interaction. Of course, there is no improvisation in that: everything comes from a deep preparation, a permanent form of education that lasts forever.

While planning an event is good habits getting information about the guests that will participate, in order to know that they like and what their ideas are, not just to numbly indulge what they affirm, but also to avoid gaffe that might compromise a possible good relationship.

An example of diplomacy was the choice of Pippa Middleton – the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister – that under suggestion of the event planners, during her wedding, had discouraged Meghan Markle – famous singer and gorgeous fiancée of Prince Harry – to participate at the event, because she wanted to avoid the chance for her of stealing the spotlight, and ruin the most wonderful day of her life! Diplomacy may be a powerful weapon that can help us avoiding unpleasant situations.

Also, the event is the first instrument of direct marketing and live communication that we know. The investments to plan it are enormous, so entertaining public relations, even after it’s ended, is worth it and truly important! Sending periodically emails to give information about activities, saying congrats for a success, helps increasing the credit of a planning agency, and enhances the brand, the attention for the clients, and also the quality of the offered services.

An engaging Event Planner, who is also self-confident, and a bit discreet, with good arguments that allow him to speak about everything, is the golden ticket for an agency that is aiming to grow.

Diplomacy is like a boxing game with glace gloves, in which the gong sound is replaced from the cheers of champagne glasses.

Georges Pompidou



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