Fall season and its foliage

Who said that autumn is a sad season without any chance of recreation?

That’s not true at all! Fall is, in fact, that wonderful time of the year in which nature begins its changes, and its wonderful surprises.

In a few days we’ll see all the lives on the trees change color from their usual green to yellow, orange and red. Who can avoid stopping even just for a few seconds and staring at this magical foliage? Or, maybe, we don’t even pay attention to those things because we’re always running for work.

Though, it will be great, from time to time, doing something crazy and inspirational; usually, who is involved in a creative job is constantly looking for new ideas.

If you love autumn and you’ve never been in New England, USA, you might wanna go there to assist an epiphany of autumnal foliage with its incredible colors.

While wandering trough this enchanted scenario, you can feel as if you are getting into another dimension, as if you are a watercolor between watercolors. A chromatic effect in which the golden shades of the yellow of the poplars and all the other trees is the main color. Shades of red and orange also contribute in giving an exceptional optical effect.

From September until November, New England becomes an incredible kingdom of wonderful colors that people who loves painting might try to reproduce it. The best way to take part on this event is driving on the road and admires the environment that surrounds you.

Driving by the scenic byways means being part of an adventurous dimension of beautiful colors, in which natural elements as mountains, forests, lakes and so on, become a sole thing. A trip that can make us think as if we were in a Klimt’s wood or an enchanted atmosphere as Autumn Effect at Argenteuil, by Claude Monet.

Sometimes, a trip can become just an excuse to escape reality and let our imagination run. Who can’t go to New England, though, can find other opportunities of seeing the foliage of the autumn, and don’t forget this is that time of the year in which there is a lot to do and to see!

Nonetheless, walking down the street there is a smell of roasted chestnuts that bring us back to our childhood when everything was a magical discovery. And what about a nice walk by the woods on a Sunday? We can get mushrooms and cook many delicious dishes! For the trekking lovers, instead, we recommend forest, in which admire several species of birds (for people who are into birdwatching). Also, practicing yoga outdoors might be corroborating and relaxing at the same time, and gives positive energy to our minds.

Fall landscapes give happy colors to our celebrative events as a birthdays and weddings. The colorful foliage becomes the perfect frame for an outdoor wedding, and enhance the potential of a location, giving inputs to all our 5 senses: the smell and taste of the food, the consistence of the beautiful leaves on the trees, the sounds of the nature, are all a firework of colors. A nice idea might also be the gifts of a card with the foliage’s theme or personalized giveaways to make original your wedding in a perfect and unforgettable fall day.



Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Albert Camus


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