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The first element you need to do everything in life is enthusiasm. The staff of Todevento.com adores who is passionate and enthusiastic, and when we meet somebody like Raffaella Mazzocca, it’s an epiphany!

Raffaella is a talented Event Planner: she wears experience, high ills and a big smile. She has an inner glee that is contagious, and that comes from the way she lives life. But also from the trips she takes, that have taught her lots of social dynamics about human behaviors.

Hence, having something to do with the neighbor is not just a matter of “digital connections” and, in that, Raffaella is the proof!

I strongly believe that doing a good job is the best marketing for my agency. Although I get the importance of a suitable business card, I think the best way to get new partnerships is by word of mouth. In my case, making my guests happy is a personal desire, besides a professional necessity.” Says Raffaella.

If my client is happy, I’m happy too! If my guests smile and have fun, I won!” She adds.

Raffaella is not just a Planner; she is also a real artist. She loves to find new formats, new decorations, and original locations for her guests. Her style, within the years, had selected her main target: agencies. For them she works passionately while looking for new ideas based on their needs.

I started working on this field fifteen years ago, but I didn’t have my agency at first. I’ve had many chances of learning my job. I recall when, long time ago, during my first task my boss gave me a laptop and 500 guests to take care of. It was a shock at the beginning, but it helped me learning quickly promptness and technique to manage all the logistic aspects, and then to focus in what I really enjoy the most: the theme.


RM Event is the agency she had created two years ago, showing the courage of risking everything in a volatile and unsteady market.

I don’t like seeing agencies in which the principal driver is the price, and I always try to make them understand the importance of rely on an expert, rather than giving this task to an intern. The event is a potential marketing instrument, and it is less expensive if organized from somebody who knows what it needs to be done effectively. First of all, there are fewer accidents; secondly an event planner has more experience in dealing with the vendors, and nonetheless, our goal is to make both the client and the guests happy.

Nowadays, RM Event is a successful agency with a lot of partnerships, globally well known, thanks to the efficiency of Raffaella.

I know there is still a lot to be learned, but I was ready to make the next move and this makes me so happy and satisfied! For me, each event is unique, and that’s why I want it to be unforgettable.

Sometimes I had to meet the needs of clients who have low budgets, and I tried to find the best way to achieve their goals. I say that because I think that we should evaluate every aspect and possibility instead of giving up on what it could be a special experience without even trying!

Among all the experiences you have made possible for your guests, all visible on your website, which one do you like the most?

Good question… well, I think the best experience that connected my professional self and I, and have made me realize I was doing what I really love in life was at the Uffizi Gallery, in Florence. Our work is very proactive and every day is different. That time, I had been able to get an exclusive guided visit on the Vasari Corridor of the Museum for my client and his guests, with the presence of an excellent critic, Philippe Daverio; after that, I had organized a wonderful dinner at the terrace with the view of Piazza della Signoria. I took my high ills off to be faster, and I stopped just for one second… I looked around and everything was perfect and beautiful. I’ve realized I was doing something great.

And I told to myself: you have the best job ever!

This is not just a story or a share of emotions, but it is also a call! A call for whoever has a business need, and wants to achieve the best result. It could be the need of building a team, or the organization of a special dinner. Corporate events are precious and it is important to let them organize from the bests, especially to avoid unpleasant accidents!

When an Event Planner achieves good results for the clients, the client won’t forget the service and professionalism. Give it a try and you’ll find new synergies to work with.

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Raffaella Mazzocca
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I’ve learned that people might forget what you have said, and also what you have done, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

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