The Italian Wedding Oscars 2017

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Today we want to talk about a new concept proposed by Daniela Corti, of Madreperla Wedding & Events Planning: this concept is The Italian Wedding Oscars.

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Have you ever dreamt of being part of an exclusive event? The event of the year is almost sold out for whomever wants to attend! A dream in the drawer for the players in the Wedding Planner world, a useful necessity to build new synergies or just to do something different for that night: those are all good reasons to be at The Italian Wedding Oscars that will take place on December 1st 2017, in Milan.

The idea comes from the Oscars of the movies stars, and made possible this unique occasion in the Italian panorama, which involves the 60 best Italian vendors of the wedding realm and the chance to do a runway on the red carpet and win the prize of best professional of the year, in one of the 20 categories of the competition, where quality and style play the main role.

A real banquet, after a happy hour, that will give the chance to the guests to make acquaintances, and build a possible working relationship for the coming year.

La promessa di lasciare gli ospiti a bocca aperta arriva dalla sfilata dei meravigliosi abiti di Peter Langner e dalle performance di Nu’art Events, ricercata organizzazione che, attraverso i suoi artisti, regala spettacoli di elevatissimo valore artistico e di intrattenimento.

The promise of leaving the guests out of breath while watching the Peter Langner’s dresses runway and the Nu’Art Events performances, a well-planned organization that, thanks to its artists, surprises everyone with sophisticated entertaining shows.

Sky 908 will also be there for the show presented by the journalist Barbara Castellani.

It is also expected the participation of a well-known sponsor as Marina Corazziari, famous for the creation of sculptured jewels. She will make the 25 prizes for the talented winners!


La location, di per sè, rappresenta un’esclusiva garanzia di lusso e fascino, accompagnati

The location speaks for itself and it’s a warranty of luxury and charm, and also elegance and majesty. We are talking about Palazzo Parigi, a renowned hotel located in the center of Milan.


Enzo Miccio



In the Garden Room of the Palace we’ll find the top candidates of each category, but also the fabulous jurors, made by relevant guests.


How can the vendors sign up? What if I want to be part of the competition, can I still enroll?


You can sign up until October 15, and this is the guideline: http://www.theitalianweddingoscars.com/iscrizione-fornitori/

Who is going to vote the candidates for the finalists’ selection?

The couples that had used the service offered by the candidates can vote their vendors. Votes are open until October 20.

If you also want to know the winners of this edition of the Italian Wedding Oscars, you can just follow the event and catch new ideas for your future projects!


Sometimes a winner is just a dreamer who never gave up.

Nelson Mandela


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