Fashion team building competition

A location, four workshops stations with cloths and all the materials you can find in an upper-class atelier, four fashion designers, a host and 60 tailors-for-one-day. It’s the Fashion Week and 60 internationals guests are involved in conventions in Milan, for the annual Brand Meeting.


A synergy of professionals that work to make a great experience in one of the most wonderful location: the Maison Milano in Via Ludovico Montegani.

Dietrolevento is made of a synergic staff, very enthusiastic. They use their creativity to make new formats, especially Team Building ones. At the question, ‘uh, do you also do Team Building?’ They answered with a logo: STAFF Team Building (so, there are no more doubts!). This time they were asked to get involved in a bigger event, organized from +39 Italy. They are perfect together, I think.

Now, everything is ready to welcome the professionals that are coming: we know, though, that it’s up to them to make this experience “classy” rather than “trashy”.

And here we are, the guests are coming and they are from all over the world. They’ve had a busy day, but they still show enthusiasm and charisma.

Now the guests are talking to each other, and it’s a good chance to make new acquaintances. From what I can see, here at the Maison, there are people of different kinds: shy, brilliant, smiling, nerd, and also someone who doesn’t look interested or someone who is still using his smartphone, maybe for work.

The host has already given instructions for the games, but drinks and food come always first. Our guests need to free their minds before starting a new activity.

The tableau at the entrance splits the participants in groups, so they start looking for their spot in which they will work, have fun and, perhaps, win! The groups are mixed in relation of the personal goals they wanted to achieve. Somebody stands out for the leadership, others patiently wait for their turn, and someone else is impatient to start working or look at the cloths with a skeptical glance.

“I WANNA SEE HOW CREATIVE WE CAN BE! AMAZE ME!” says the Marketing Director to her team.


The jurors of the performances are the Fashion Designers who are monitoring the laboratory phase. I can ear them chatting and laughing about comments they’ve received from the fashion academies in which they’ve studied: “how can you wear something like that? Is that a woman neck or a man neck? Do it again!”

ANALISYS, PLANNING, PERFORMING AND PRESENTATION are the phases of the next steps and the participants look at their models while they start thinking of the dress and accessories they can craft with their material.

The comments are: “Here, I can help you!” “Let’s do it together” and also “I’m not good at this!” or “I think we should do it like this, but I’m not sure!” Everyone is making an effort working hard, and they will feel satisfied as a reward.

They are running out of time! It’s time to end the work, but there is also who takes a break drinking coffee or beer. The Director looks around and talks to other people.

Dietrolevento becomes a staff of serious professionals in order to achieve their goal, which is giving to the participants a memorable experience. Luca engages with the guests, Jo helps the participants and coordinates the activities; Paul makes sure everything is fine, and Lello takes pictures. It’s delightful!

Meanwhile the dresses are coming out with style.

A last glance at the mirror before walking down the catwalk… and it’s done! We are ready.

Background music and a voice over, chosen in each team, go with the fashion show. The audience is clapping and smiling. The models walk down the catwalk to be admired: they for sure wouldn’t do that at the office. The game is successful and the audience is amused.

Before the award ceremony it’s time to have dinner. Everyone is in a party mood!

Those are the situations that make possible new synergies between the employers of the same company: the day after they will for sure cooperate more. It might seem silly but this is one of the best ways to make stronger the group identity of a company. Besides, a happy employer is more likely to do a better job, and it’s a win-win situation for everybody.


Companies spend too much time thinking how much it costs to do certain things. They should care more about what it takes not doing it.

Philip Kotler.


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