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Years of experience in a certain industry that you love can give you lots of satisfaction. Sometimes, obstacles are just an opportunity to make you stronger and to help reaching your goals.

An excellent professionalism, and a celebration of the greatest of our Country, put the experts of each area together in cooperation to other international partners in order to give life to unique experiences.

This is, in fact, the story of Daniela Corti, an Event Planner with a ten-year experience and a deep passion for events, especially weddings, that she is eager to make exceptional for her bride and groom.

Daniela founded her company in Cremona and today, September 19th, until December 2017, every Tuesday she will be live on Cremona 1 with her column “Wedding Time”, in which she will give advices to the brides to make special and perfect the wedding day.

But this is just the beginning! Two years ago, Madreperla Wedding & Event Planning, caught the attention of an international star in the wedding world: we are talking about Renée Strauss, famous for her saloon in Beverly Hills (she is indeed the best stylist for celebrities in white dress).

“When Renée reached out to me I was shocked!” Says Daniela. “I was working in Rome and I couldn’t imagine to meet her because of our busy schedules. But I couldn’t resist. So I gave up on a goodnight sleep and I made the best choice. We started a partnership not to mention a friendship. Renée is a legend and working with her is always a pleasure.”

So Madreperla Event became partner of Wedaways, Renée’s planning agency, famous for the extra-luxuries proposal of destination wedding – pictures show us exclusive experiences that take out our breaths.

Who met Daniela knows she is never alone: Whisky, her loyal friend is always by her side… he’s also an important component of Madreperla Events.

In terms of partnership we’ve asked Daniela how the bride and the groom introduces themselves when they want to start the journey for their big day. 

“Well… I usually meet couples who are on the same wave.” Says Daniela, “The man who doesn’t care is just a legend, a strong couple wants to start something important as their wedding and the man is equally involved and he wants to be!”

How difficult it is to work with an emotional couple?

A couple who wants to get married, after the proposal, starts projecting thoroughly that day and sometimes they already have some ideas. Many years of experience gave me the right perspective to understand the right approach to use with my clients, and, with time, we become closer.

Daniela has also created a new format of event, really interesting, that sees the participation of many experts in the wedding field who have the chance to compete for a prize as the best supplier. Ma this is a story we are going to tell you another time…

The greatest thing we can do is love; the rest doesn’t count.

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