Capturing an emotion forever… You can!

There are many shades in a relationship either personal or working.

There are many ways to agree and cooperate to make something special. Sometimes it is necessary to accept someone else’s ideas; sometimes it’s our turn. This way there is a balance and everything works well.

It’s not easy to do what we really like in life. But Donatella and Damiano made it. They are a couple, and also partners, colleagues and fellow adventures.

They get thrilled when they take pictures capturing emotions. 

Donatella and Damiano got married in 2011, and in the very same year, they decided to change their passion in a profession. They learned new techniques and started to experiment documentary photography.

They lived in London, a city that has a lot to offer, and they took the chance to make their style unique.

This style is called “reportage” and it aims to capture a story in a picture, the emotions of that particular moment. In the beginning this technique wasn’t used for wedding, though with time it became one of the most required techniques to fix the memories of the big day.

Donatella and Damiano are the storytellers of the same story, with different perspectives, that seems to be able to be at the right place in the right moment with their camera, and this is the result:

So what’s your secret? How do you know what is going to happen? We ask.

“How?” Donatella blushes and then smiles! “The best part of working together is that you always have two different points of views, so that we can cover the entire event. For us it’s important to tell the whole story of the bride and the groom. We don’t just pay attention to them, but to the people who are related to the couple and know them well.” Damiano adds: “Sometimes I feel like we are silent therapists, because we really study our couple: we don’t need words, in this way we can capture the best moment.”

Donatella confesses she gets emotional when she takes pictures. Damiano tell us how to silently get into the emotions, so that they can see the nuances and they can prevent the right gesture, the glance, a funny scene or an emotional one, yet the best to capture.

“The day of the event being invisible helps people to act normal.” They say.

Today Donatella and Damiano live in Certaldo, a small medieval town on the Chianti’s hills, near Florence. This region is perfect to immortalize the beautiful winery hills, and the couples (especially British, Americans and Indians) who choose this place as location of their wedding.

Daniela and Damiano, in fact, have chosen Tuscany’s countryside as their home, but they also like to travel and discover new places, but also knowing new people and new cultures, while they take pictures of weddings around the world, for what they have received prizes and rewards.

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work one day in your life.



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