How the Event Planner goes on vacation

In our minds summer recalls remembrances of landscapes in front of the sea, funny moments in which we live in an utterly free-state-of-mind, and in absolute harmony with a peaceful and joyful nature. Yet, not everyone is able to take a break in isolation, or just disappear in a remote, tropical island or, better, in the thick forest of the mountains.

And there it is the Even Planner lifestyle, a peculiar category of “elected”, that may not be able to approach a vacation forma mentis… but why? Etymology can help us to understand: the word vacation comes from the Latin verb “vacare” that means being free, free of charge. For an Event Planner being free can become a utopia, a conflicting situation with whom, due to its class, can’t stop to be a control freak. In fact, their mind is an explosion of talents that are natural, creative, detailed, organizational and emotional: a boundless hotbed of ideas even in unimaginable circumstances.

That’s actually the reason why Career Cast, Word Economic Forum and Quickmobile declared the Event Planner profession as one of the first six most stressful in the career world (after the fireman and before the reporter!).

Their usual day is made of many different tasks that need particular attention, such as enthusiasm to find inspiration from reality in order to conceive remarkable things that will be exciting and original – yet not useless but suitable. An Event Planner is indeed a well-travelled yet a roamer figure; he can be in Shanghai today but in Paris tomorrow, and, unlike the usual misbelief, he doesn’t travel to relax at all: in fact, travelling is always part of an organized path that requires energy and perspicuity.

So what is the trick – if any – an Event Planner should use to cheat his own overloaded mind for the sake of finally taking a break? Maybe he can find peace and live a memorable moment of pleasure.  Of course, he can’t and won’t plan a long break, because his mind is always working like a dormant volcano that is sleeping and then, all of a sudden, it wakes up exploding – though we are lucky… it’s just an explosion of ideas. Thus, we have to acknowledge the following: creative artists should plan sui generis vacations meant to be part of the lesson of the Latin poet Oratio who made up the Carpe Diem formula: short but enjoyable moments between trips, event-planning and new adventures.

Spending a nice afternoon at the beach, making a brief stop in a chalet to get wine and cheese, walking besides the lungotevere in the Eternal City… and the most thrilling thing, while enjoying a break from the routine, would be the accidental discovery of the idea you were looking for.

Although saying that a creative mind is also rational, it is either true to affirm that an Event Planner is the exception to the rule! He is actually a rare soul that absorbs creative ideas as well as methodical qualities. Moreover, it is a status capable of catching sensations, a character able to collect all the different nuances of reality, a figure that doesn’t give things for granted, but clever enough to understand the meaning of symbolic things, things that hide behind other things.

This is the reason why an Event Planner cannot risk wasting time, because life is full of surprises; as the psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman said, a creative person can’t be fully aware of himself, simply because its inner nature is eclectic, so that a creative can always be able to adapt to new situations. Therefore, even though being constantly under pressure might become overwhelming an Event Planner cannot hesitate to take a relaxing break before getting ready to do his best in his new journey.

“Watches used to make the sound that sounded tic tac; today they make a sound that sounds stress and relax, stress and relax.”

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