The enchantment of the event water-view

There are many adjectives that enhance the most important element of all times: water. Reflection, liquidness, flexibility, transparency and colorful are just some of them. The location of an event should include the presence of the water because it gives powerful yet subliminal messages that last in the participants’ minds.

Indeed, it’s not easy to give a definition, in scientific terms, of the feeling of wellness when people are close to the water; perhaps, from a psychological point of view, this phenomenon started unconsciously and it rises in specific environment conditions.  Sometimes a simple sunset reflected on the sea can take our breath away because of its spectacular colors; even when we are lost in the silence of the mountains, we immediately yet unintentionally try to find the sound of a river or a lake.

Listening to the sound of the water or feeling its presence gives the impression of being weightless, as if gravity could possibly vanish. Water is undeniably fascinating, probably because it’s the natural element in the embryonic stage of life; so, being close to the water make us feel protected as if we were still in the placenta.

As a result, while planning an event we shouldn’t ignore this aspect, because the presence of the water will give to the guests a feeling of protection, making them feel special while they are surrounded of a magic yet familiar atmosphere, where everything will be important and unforgettable. Thus, it’s fundamental to take care of this aspect while choosing a hotel for a conference or a meeting, in order to make a simple business meeting into a special experience. You for sure don’t need a magic wand to do that: you just have to think as if you were the guest and look at things with his eyes.

Think about the wonderful emotion you feel while opening the windows of your hotel, maybe so far from home, and take a look to the Ocean! This aspect, this feeling, can become your ally in the organization of an event. Even a meeting outdoors can be different and special with the presence of a fountain that gives a touch of high style, and gives to the guests a positive feeling. A welcoming buffet or a happy hour on a terrace full of flowers, from which you can see white little waves coming at the beach, becomes an important part of the event. It’s not a coincidence that the last G7 was organized in the beautiful landscape of Taormina: the crystalline water of the sea of this small Sicilian town helped creating a magical and festive atmosphere.  In order to build empathy with the guests you can’t just think to make a great presentation: the main goal should be the choice of a good location that should be relaxing for the guests, so that they will see all the efforts the people beyond the organization of the event made to make them feel comfortable and happy.

If there is magic on this planet it is contained in water.

Loren Eiseley

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