Food is charming!

Sharing a meal is an essential time for the good result of an event; it’s pleasant and relaxing, and back in the day it helped to save the future – Stalin and Churchill achieved an agreement in 1944 after a nice dinner.

Therefore, a nice meal is a good premise to success in the event’s organization. Though it’s important to choose the best menu: something both classic and exotic.

For this reason, food becomes an intriguing protagonist with a fusion of tastes that build a bridge among different cultures, and satisfy both food lovers of the Italian tradition and the multiethnic tradition: thus, we welcome what the famous chef Peter Brunel calls a “three-dimensional cuisine”.

Preparing a nice meal for out guests it helps making them satisfied, so that the event will be much more enjoyable. The relation between food and wellness it isn’t, in fact, just a legend! Besides, even before science came in our lives, Chinese had made up a theory that bonded food to the yin and yang principles: this balance makes the Qi harmonious and unstoppable.

Choosing carefully the ingredients of our menu, and serving the best dishes gives more value to our event making it successful. Some foods as chocolate, dried fruits, salmon, lentils and oats produce serotonin and endorphins which relax our brain; others, such as fries, sweets, sodas and alcohol, on the contrary, cause anger!

Made in Italy means good taste. Everything is classy: clothes, home furnishings, food, and arts. The Italian cuisine has a very old tradition and each meal has it ritual. The result is pure magic. Italians, sometimes, forget how old is this tradition and how much is appreciated overseas.

As we said before, choosing what to serve during an event is important, though we mustn’t forget to pay attention on how the plate look like: the eye also wants its part, meaning food must be beautiful as well.

The most difficult thing is to cook something both “good-looking” and tasty, but it’s important to please both senses.  The result should be extraordinary, above every expectation, so that out dish can become a chef-d’oeuvre.

 An empty stomach is not a good political advisor.

Albert Einstein


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