Coffee is powerful

Coffee is a real soulmate, and it is irreplaceable in every moment of the day; the smell of the aroma is pleasant, especially in early mornings, and it’s the perfect ending of a nice meal – besides being the best ally during a business day.

We can absolutely say that for most of us coffee is an authentic blast of energy: it gives us the right enthusiasm, and helps stimulating creativity for each event.

The story of coffee starts in a historic-legendary world, extremely unclear; maybe it’s related to a rural and pastoral dimension, upraise from the unbreakable ancestral connection to the ground that gives life to the plants from which we obtain a good harvest.  

Can you imagine how many benefits humans have had from the discovery of coffee beans?

In Europe the distribution of this new entry in the 600’s have had unpredictable effects on families; in fact, while men were spending long hours drinking coffee at the cafes, their wives were getting angry because they didn’t want to compete with a drink dark as though the night, but with a good smell. 

In England the situation became tremendously difficult so that the king Charles II was forced to make an Edict against coffee (hard to believe, but true!). Luckily, with time things have changed, and coffee became part of the rank of irreplaceable and compulsive drink, which is also the symbol of our culture, enhanced by famous singers as Pino Daniele and Fabrizio De André.

Many think that coffee is a flawless remedy, an efficient cure for some diseases: could this be possible?

In the past therapeutic virtues of coffee were indeed well-known; as a matter of fact, people used to think coffee could prevent and heal several diseases, even though others used to be skeptical, and they asked to themselves if popular beliefs were true or just a legend. There are different opinions, but recently the therapeutic value of coffee was demonstrated thanks to the work of Californian researchers. Caffeine, in fact, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system – besides being a powerful alkaloid responsible of invigorating effects on the nervous system, and the ability of reducing the feeling of fatigue. Well, one more reason to like our coffee breaks.

As a matter of fact, everywhere in the World, taking a break to drink coffee with co-workers and friends is a social custom, an essential moment that breaks the daily routine, the perfect time to socialize and have fun. During an event it’s important to understand when is the right moment to offer coffee to the guests, while keeping in mind that an excessive use of coffee makes people grumpy and not open to dialogues and cooperation; if coffee is drunk in the right portion, instead, it makes people awake and willing to accomplish their tasks.

When you organize an event, a coffee break is not just a marginal part: it is, in fact, the crucial one, especially to welcome guests in order to make them feel comfortable, and it’s a good way to start working together.

Though, not everyone likes coffee, so it’s good to have alternatives in order to satisfy each guest’s taste. For instance, ginseng is an excellent substitute of caffeine: like coffee is an energy drink and it’s also a good memory’s ally. Or what about a good taste of pomegranate juice? It’s refreshing and it has antioxidants: some people think it’s an elixir of life! What’s more… of course drinks as lemon juice, tea and other natural drinks as carobs and goij berry or cocoa (from the mysterious and ancient Aztec culture).

Sometimes, during conventions or meeting particularly intense it takes time to take a break to get coffee, so, why don’t we try to find a way to make the day less tiring? Maybe a good way is to put a table in the corner for people who need a break… an oasis for those who can’t wait!

Hence, a good coffee makes everyone happy and comfortable in every situation.

To fill a room we just need a coffeepot on the stove.

Erri De Luca



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