Hotels “must have”

We are walking into the hall of a hotel. We are in front of a wide foyer well-lighted from the sun and the furniture chosen to decorate the hotel. A high ceiling, a fountain and its water games, and a large reception ready to welcome us. Despite we know it’s not home we feel it comfortable. This is, in fact, the first message a hotel should send “come here, you’ll be fine”. What about the second one? Exclusive.

Organizing an event that has to accommodate guests even at night it’s not easy: it requires attention to details, everything has to be perfectly done. The choice of a good hotel cannot be left to any chance, but the selection relies on the budget; it is good to choose a 4stars hotel or more. It is indeed necessary to visit the hotel in person to make a good choice and check the list of the ‘must haves’ the hotel needs to be perfect for our guests. Firstly, it has to be tidy and neat; secondly, the staff has to be professional and helpful (a good knowledge of foreign languages is a good plus); an elegant design is also appreciated, and, last but not list, a fine cuisine.

So, what are the characteristics the ideal hotel must have for a big event that will involve different partners?

First of all, it should be in a nice area of the city, away from noise pollution: midtown or suburbs it’s the same, yet it has to appear as a peaceful oasis, well-connected to airports, train stations and the others locations related to the event.

Now, let’s go back to our entrance in the hall: what do we expect? Of course, we wait for somebody to welcome us, and smile at the welcome desk, while a concierge comes straight to us to help with the suitcases. In this first step, the staff at the reception has to appear well organized, so that neither the Event Planner nor the Client has to intervene.

Immediately after handing the keys room to the guest, it is truly appreciated the Wi-Fi password, that must be always available both in the room and the common areas.

The room should be welcoming and bright, but also furnished with elegance: it should remind a comfortable house but still upscale. Getting into the room imply putting suitcase and jacket away, so making accessible the right furniture for the guest as well as a comfy bed to rest. The Planner usually surprises the guest with a welcoming flute of sparkling wine, fruits, fancy chocolate, and, of course, the meetings plan.

The next step is looking at the bathroom, the real relaxing kingdom. It’s pleasant to find eau de toilettes and personalized gadgets.

Now, when we talk about an event, the place in which we spend much time is the conference room. Scenography is not the only thing that can impress the participants, but it’s good to have projectors, screens and comfortable chairs to watch the presentation or make the brainstorming; the acoustics must also be clean in order to give the right message.

It’s indeed inviting a lounge bar, a space in which people can talk about business while sipping a cocktail and relax.

After a goodnight sleep, business people don’t want to give up on their exercises: we mustn’t forget “mens sana in corpore sano”, so it’s good to have a gym. A nice buffet for breakfast will follow – croissants, brioches, special cakes, chocolate, scrambled eggs and ham, and, of course, coffee, ginseng and juices. The participants will treasure an unforgettable experience, and will keep cooperating with the host for sure!

The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life.

George Bernard Shaw



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