Is everyone looking at you?

6:30 am: the alarm goes off, it’s time to have breakfast, and a huge cup of coffee, with hands on the phone to read all the emails.

Oh, right! There is a change of plan on my agenda. I open the calendar on my iPhone and I take a look: six appointments in a day.  Well, this is a big year for me, I worked a lot and as my father always says “Persist and work hard to achieve your goal, and if you really want it you will get it.” I need a personal assistant. Maybe a boy will hand my moody day better.

I can do it, of course I can. Traffic will be my chance of waling up and brush up on my presentations. First, though, I need another coffee. I was waiting for this meeting at 11 o’clock since months: finally, the multinational I was looking for answered to me, and I can’t make mistakes. They are launching a new product and they asked me to plan the event of the year. Their Key Opinion Leaders, and the new clients, have to be surprised and fall in love with the innovation. So… growth and innovation are my key words, and then there are all the concepts of every business event… that’s why we are here: we want to make every occasion a memorable and distinctive experience! I really love my job!

18:47 pm: I love my job, I love my job, I love my job…

Life is good! Actually, very good… I’m good, yes, I am. I always knew that… low profile, high performances… but now I have to develop new proposals to fully satisfy my clients… I seat down, and I think about it. Five months, a medical congress in Paris, the runway for an emerging designer (OMG, I love his work!), THE launch of a new product (you already know that!), a wedding (the bride was so emotional!), and two dates of the new show of that emerging actor (I can’t wait to meet him in person!).

19:32 pm: okay, let’s postpone the happy hour… I have to jot down some ideas, I can’t stop… I need a personal assistant.

Everything has to be perfect, they have high expectations, but my expectations about my job go beyond the ones my clients have. Two events are on the same day, in two different cities, I need to find a logistic manager and even a photographer.

No, wait! What was the name of that portal, the inspirational one…? Oh, tight! Todevento.com, look for inspiration for the success of your events. Maybe I can read an article, though I work on this field since several years.

23:14 pm: Okay, now the last one… for real.

00:52 am: I’m getting there. Maybe now I can sleep. There are lots of ideas and I’m the one who can make them possible. Goodnight world, I love my job.

The value of an idea lies in the using of it.

Thomas A. Edison

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